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Science Fair: Project Ideas for Junior Entomologists

How Scientists Think

Pw4kflowchartLooking for a science fair project idea? Try these downloadable science fair kits. They provide everything you need to get started thinking like a scientist, from forming a question to communicating the results of your experiment.

The Scientific Method

The great thing about scientific investigations is that there can be many answers to a single question. To figure out which answer is most correct, scientists follow a process called The Scientific Method.

The Scientific Method is a series of steps that helps scientists identify a question, think of a possible answer (the hypothesis) and then use experiments to test the hypothesis to see if it is true.

The important thing to remember is that scientists will often try many experiments until they can be sure a hypothesis is true or not true. Once a conclusion is made, scientists report their results in either a written report or visually on a display board.

Is Your Home A Pill Bug Habitat?

Observe the pill bug in all its glory (or at least its preferred living conditions). In this experiment, you will create your very own controlled pill bug habitat. Then you'll select different things to change, which will help you to determine how the pill bug prefers to live. 

Age Range: Kindergarten (with adult supervision) to Fourth Grade

Time Required: One week or longer

Cost: Minimal - most materials are readily found in many home kitchens

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Repelling Ants

There are more than 700 ant species found in the U.S., which means there are also many ways for them to infest your home. In this project, you will test one or more natural repellents to see how effective they are at preventing ant infestations.

Age Range: Third Grade (with adult supervision) to Eighth Grade

Time Required: Four days to two weeks, depending on the questions you ask

Cost: Minimal - most materials are readily found in many home kitchens

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Which Came First: The Fly or The Egg?

Fruit flies are definitely considered pests, but they are also incredibly helpful in scientific research. For this project, you will start by observing the fruit fly life cycle. Then, you will follow the scientific method to test how temperature affects fruit fly development.

Age Range: Fourth Grade to Eighth Grade

Time Required: Two weeks to one month or longer (if you choose)

Cost: Minimal - most materials are readily found in many home kitchens

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