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Lesson Plans

Lessonplans NotebooksPests provide a fascinating entry point into many curricular subjects, including biology, ecology, environment and health. Use our lesson plans to teach insect anatomy, the social life of termites, the scientific inquiry process and much more.

Our lessons emphasize both content and process skills and support standards from the National Science Teachers Association and the National Council of Teachers of English.

Grades K-2: Intro to Pests

This lesson introduces students to a wide variety of common pests. Students will learn about basic needs, pest damage, and self-protection measures against certain pests. Some of the activities include playing a game, creating a class book and reading a story about a commonly found pest.

Lesson Overview

Grades K-2: Totally Termites

Explore the world of termites with this lesson, which includes a close-up look at termite specimens, special termite adaptations and insect anatomy. Students will also learn about property risks associated with termites, and how pest control professionals can solve termite problems.

Lesson Overview

Grades 3-5: Termitology

This lesson will engage students in an inquiry-based study of the ecology of termites. Through hands-on investigations, students will explore the life cycle of termites, the termite's role in the food web, and the unique social structure of termite colonies.

Lesson Overview

Grades 3-5: Before They Were Pests

In this lesson, students will explore the native habitats and behaviors of common pests to understand why and how household pests enter our homes. Students will examine the relationship between humans and pests, and the limited habitat and resources shared by both. 

Lesson Overview

Grades 4-8: Pest PSA

In this six-session lesson, students will use the Pest Guide section to develop a Public Service Announcement (PSA) for their school community. The campaign will communicate the threats and impacts posed by pests, and the methods for preventing an infestation. Students should include when it is necessary to call in a pest management professional to control an infestation.

Lesson Overview

Grades 4-8: Pest Taxonomy

During the first session of this two-session lesson, students will use the different species represented in the Pest Guide section to learn how living things are grouped together according to the characteristics they share. Students will then work in small groups to construct a taxonomy chart for the selected species and discover how classical taxonomy helps the scientific community organize the natural world.

Lesson Overview

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