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Middle School Content


Activities and Lesson Plans: For Kids Ages 11-13

Learning Resources For Sixth Through Eighth Grade

Looking for educational activities for middle school students? You've come to the right place. PestWorld For Kids has various interactive games and quizzes, science fair projects, reporting writing assignments and more for the preteen in your life. If you're a teacher, we also have middle school bug lesson plans available for download.

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Middle School Report Writing

Does your middle school student need to write a report for his or her Science class? We’ve created a 10-step procedure to help them communicate their knowledge of pests in a written report format.

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Middle School Science Fair Projects

Is your child in grades 6-8 and looking for a fun science fair project idea? PestWorld For Kids has got them covered. Try these two downloadable science fair kits on flies that are sure to put them in the running to win a prize!

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Middle School Games

Does your middle schooler love to play video games? Our game section will feed their need for an interactive activity by a computer, tablet or phone screen, while also teaching them about the importance of pest control to keep pests from causing harm to us and our homes.

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Middle School Lesson Plans

Our bug and insect lesson plans for elementary school classrooms emphasize both content development and critical thinking skills. View and download our two lesson plans to teach students in grades 6-8 about pest taxonomy and developing a public service announcement (PSA).

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