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Critter Crafts
Image Craft14 Paperplatebumblebee

Paper Plate Bumblebee

With art supplies you can paint and glue on plates and construction paper to make a bumblebee that won’t sting you!


  • a paper plate
  • wax paper
  • scissors
  • tape
  • small triangle of black paper
  • yellow marker or paint
  • black marker or paint


  1. Paint or color the paper plate yellow and let it dry
  2. With black paint or marker, put on stripes
  3. Cut 2, U-shaped wings out of waxed paper
  4. Attach the wings to the Bumblebee’s body with tape
  5. Tape the black triangle to the back of the bee as a stinger
  6. Draw the bee’s face and enjoy your Bumblebee! *Adults should help young children with these steps

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