Buggy Break

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Take a "Buggy Break" with educational and entertaining activities for your kids’ daily at-home schedule! Visit our page each week for unique and easy-to-use resources to help make learning fun. Also, check out our full collection of downloadable activities and materials the whole family is sure to love!

Here are this week's activities!




"Pest Quest" Episode

Learn about the fascinating world of insects, rodents and small wildlife in exciting episodes with our favorite junior scientists. Watch today's episode to learn about spiders, centipedes and rats!

Pest Guides

All creatures have special abilities that help them thrive in many different environments, including in and around our homes. Learn about incredible bugs, insects and animals, and find out how to identify them.

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Critter Craft

Follow along with our easy step-by-step craft video! With household art supplies like cardboard and a small piece of wool, you can make a wreath with a spider hanging from it to place on your door.

Afterwards, read this short, educational article to learn interesting facts about ticks.

How Long Can Ticks Live Without Food?

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The Pest Professor

Join our expert entomologists each Wednesday at 2pm ET for live taught lessons about the wonderful world of insects. Streamed via Facebook Live Chat from the PestWorld Facebook page, these short and educational sessions are fun and interesting for kids of all ages!

Check out our collection of previous lessons here!

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Build a Scorpion

Did you know that scorpions are cousins of ticks and spiders? Try out our new downloadable activity to learn more about this interesting insect.

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Pin the Legs on the Spider

Have you ever played "Pin the Tail on the Donkey"? Check out this buggy and fun version of the classic party game!

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